Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After all the celebrations on the day of swearing – in, one thing is certain, responsibility has been actually and indirectly transferred to you. And the earlier you realise that people’s life and destinies are in your hand, the better for you.

Permit me to say this; if you are a true leader, your heart is not likely to be at rest because people’s lives are in your care.

Here is what the bible says about a king- 1 king 20 vs 39.

Your sole responsibility is to-

• Diligently guard the lives of your followers (you are accountable to God for their lives, harness their potentials and talents, let them not get missing in the things pertaining to good living).

Of course you know that when you fail to carry out your responsibility, you should be prepared to bear the consequencies.

As a leader, if you fail to guard the lives of your followers, two things are involved:

• You either pay with your life or;
• You pay a talent of silver (money)

NOTE that when we say you are going to pay a talent of silver (money), we are not talking about being fined, we mean you are going to go down financially and economically.

Check a nation that is very poor, you will discover that either the leader has not been able to manage the resources in the land or he has gone about being a busy body and not realising that there are untapped potentials in his people.

Pals, I like you to know one thing, if the present Government is failing in it’s duties and we the up coming generation are ignorant of why they are failing, we will continue to build a country whose citizens do not have the slightest idea of who a leader is supposed to be. And that means doom for us.

Make a choice today and stick to your decisions, I bet you- this Nation will be a better place to live in.

Enjoy yourself


I believe that if there is one quality a leader must possess, it should be “the ability to cover his followers and be transparent (that is: a leader must relate with all his subjects on an equal bases and not operating with a biased mind.)”.

No doubt, with the kind of leaders we have today, one can easily tell the mind of the leader, we can easily know who he is referring to when an issue is been tackled, we can easily know those that are more favoured and those that are less favoured in his government. This is not a quality of a true leader.

I believe a leader can actually get everybody involved in his operations, take decisions about an issue without fear or favour and relate with the people on an equal ground.

Envisage a scenario like this one in our time / generation: your leader comes out one day and says one of his followers is going to kill / betray him. And I guess based on his relationship with the individuals in his group (the followers), you can easily tell who he is talking about. These days, leaders no longer work in transparency, they no longer treat all people equal, they no longer carry everyone along in their operations.

I will show you an example:
In the book of Mark 9 vs 31, the quality we are talking of here can be seen there. The lessons about leadership you see there is an attitude of a fine relationship with everyone in your group.

In that portion of the Bible, we see that Jesus so had a fine relationship with all his 12 disciples that even when he said- “one of you is going to betray me”, the disciples were confused, they could not guess who he was referring to. He had a very plain Leader – Follower relationship with his disciples.

And this is the key to a perfect leader in this generation- relate with your followers on an equal basis, when taking a decision regarding an issue; try to be as honest as possible and one of these days, people will actually look back and say “Thank God for this person’s life”