Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello pals,

This year is almost coming to an end, and we are going into 2010 joyfully but what I want to share with you is that if you don't want to end 2010 the way you ended 2009, you need to know the big "D".

That is "Decision". Yes, timely Decisions.

Without right and timely decisions, your life will head no where. You need to conciously make the right decisions in this year so that your life can count positively- Make a difference in 2010.

One area I wish we could all DECIDE to make a CHANGE is-
1. Our CHOICE of friends
2. The BOOKS we read

I will never forget what my Role model told me. He said "Where you will end up and whatever you will ever become in the next 5 years will be a reflection of the books you read today and the friends you keep".

Based on that fact, here are some books I recommend to improve your intellectual understanding and put you in a better position for the future.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I believe leadership is an all - round stuff and not only in an organisation. It has to do with Living rightly even in the streets and not only at home or in the office. So with this mindset, I want to advice my colleagues in Nigeria.

Under Leadership as a tool for rightful living, we are going to look at the role of leaders in making the society crime free hence,- THE PAYPAL STORY- "HOW TO OPEN AND VERIFY A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN NIGERIA"

Everyone is thinking of a way of making some good amount of money. That's not bad at all because at one time or the other, you've got to be responsible for yourself. And it's no doubt that 90% of those people with this kind of desire finally end up on the net because they've heard several stories about how others make thousands of dollars on the net. Of course you are in the right place and to make it more interesting, you're right on time.

My concern is for the Nigerians - Don't be troubled, I'm not here to say something bad or to tarnish your image because I'm a Nigerian too.

Of all the jingles you hear about making money online, some programs are very popular. These include-

*Google Adsense
*Affiliate Marketing
*Information Marketing (may- be selling e - books) and all that

Now to my fellow Nigerians-

We all know that most of these programs pay in dollars but in most cases do not allow Nigerians to participate for reasons best known to them (although some claim it's because of the illegal use of their rights by Nigerians)

But trust the average Nigerian man, there is always a way out. And the most common thing you hear everybody talk about now is "HOW TO OPEN AND VERIFY A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IN NIGERIA". That's a good and very innovative idea from some of our fellow Nigerians. But I must not fail to tell you that "No matter how far you think you've gone on the net and no matter how much knowledge you think you've got about technology", Paypal.com is not owned by an African and no doubt you don't want to compare yourself to them technology - wise.

Nigerians now open and verify Paypal, but hear this - "The triumph of evil over good is only temporary" and I bet you very soon, Paypal will get all of you and you might end up having your account frozen and loosing your money.

Someone might ask- So how do you want us to make money online and cash our earnings right here in Nigeria?
There are other means, you go and look for another legitimate means and stop manipulating your way into Paypal because very soon, they will get you.

For further details, you can contact me on rerute.rerute@gmail.com or rerute_rerute@yahoo.com.


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